When the final season of The Clone Wars arrived on Disney+ last year, I was hoping to enjoy a Star Wars story that wouldn’t disappoint. The Rise of Skywalker, which was released only a few months prior, left me wanting for something different. To be completely frank with y’all, that final season blew me out the water. It was everything I wanted in a Star Wars story and more. So having an experience like season 7 of The Clone Wars follow TROS left me feeling a certain way about the sequel trilogy.

Now, I’m not here to shit on the…

EDINBURG, Texas — Despite being a historically Democratic leaning region with a large Latino population, the race for U.S. Representative in Texas District 15 was the closest ever seen in the history of this district.

Although Democratic incumbent Rep. Vicente Gonzalez won reelection, his margin of victory over Republican contender Monica de la Cruz-Hernandez was less than 3%. This is a sharp decrease relative to Gonzalez’s margins of victory in 2016 (19%) and 2018 (20%).

Gonzalez was unavailable for comment about the nature of his win.

Pie chart of Texas U.S. Representative District 15 race results
Texas U.S. Representative District 15 Results via Texas Secretary of State Website

The 15th District — which encompasses Brooks County, Duval County, Jim Hogg County, Karnes…

Like millions of people throughout the United States, Andrew Neeley, 23, was watching the Sept. 29 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, except he was at work. Neeley, a server at Chili’s in Edinburg, Texas, and his coworkers were closely gathered around an iPhone bickering about which candidate said what well and stating their personal opinions. His shift eventually ended, and he headed home.

That next day, Neeley received a text from a coworker who he happened to be standing beside during the debate. His coworker had woken up with a fever of 106. …

Briana Miller

I am a Journalism student at Harvard Extension School and a graduate of Wellesley College Class of 2019.

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